MacBook Pro Water Spill Damage Repair

macbook pro liquid damage repair

Spilling a cup of coffee or wine on your laptop is one of the worst feelings imaginable. It happened to me once and I learned my lesson. Yes, we all know better to not having our drinks close to the laptop but sh*t happens. So what to do if you spilt liquid onto your laptop? Well, the most common mistake people make after a liquid spill is turning on the computer to see if it still works. Why is this a mistake? Liquid and electricity don’t mix. There are more chances for further damage. So don’t turn it on. Put a clean cloth on the keyboard and turn the laptop upside down on a ledge of a table to drain the water/milk out. After 4 hours or so, take the cloth off and move the laptop to a well ventilated area for it to air dry for another 48 hours. Then you can attempt to turn it on.

Best to ensure that no damage to your keyboard or logic board is to seek professional help. In my experience, unless you clean the logic board with rubbing alcohol there will very likely be residue and corrosion in the long term.

Dirty iMac innards caused overheating and a dead hard drive

dust filled imac inside caused overheating

A couple weeks ago I got a call to assist with an iMac that failed to boot into Mac OS X. A quick assessment over the phone gave me enough information to know it’s the hard drive which was on its last leg. I took the iMac home attempting to retrieve the data on it and replace the hard drive. It’s worthy to note that the iMac was not even 2 years old, very unusual for a hard drive to die in such short period of use.

The moment I had the iMac opened, I knew exactly why the hard drive had such short life. There was dust pilling up every where inside the iMac. Essentially the dust blocked the air flow and kept all the heat trapped inside the computer. The hard drive on these Aluminum iMac is right in the middle of the chassis and arguably take the most punishment from the heat build-up. Luckily though, the hard drive was the only component that failed and not the other crucial parts (which are much more expensive to replace).

So if you have an aluminum iMac at home and in a room without much ventilation, check the bottom vents often to make sure there’s no blockage of air flow. A quick way to do so is the tap either the bottom right or left of the iMac and watch to see if there dust particles falling out. Seeing a chunk of dust drops out of the vent is a sign you should call The IT Sage for help.

Jon’s Music Studio

RAM & SSD upgrades macbook pro Logic Pro

One of the best perks for doing my kind of work is the many creative people I get to meet. Jon Erickson, owner of Ultimate Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a prime example. Besides running his successful business, Jon spends most of his free time with family and pursue his passion of music production.

His MacBook Pro was in need of an upgrade to make use of Logic Pro X and Jon hired me for the job. We put a 240GB SSD (solid state hard drive) and 8GB of RAM in his laptop. We then updated the software to Mac OS X 10.9 and Logic Pro X. The laptop now runs like a dream with all the hardware in Jon’s studio.

I got the chance to come over and check out his studio last week. This photo album shows the studio he built in his house (using many recycled building materials). It looks the part and is such a great space to be in one’s own world.

Make External Firewire iSight Camera’s built-in Microphone work with Skype

using external isight microphone with skype

I got a call yesterday morning about Skype not being able to recognize the external firewire iSight’s built-in microphone. The lady who I was on the phone with tested iChat and everything works fine. So all the hardware-side of things were hooked up correctly. The only possible hiccup is with the settings with Skype. I guided her through different screens of settings both in System Preferences and Skype to start the process of elimination to eventually seek out the wrong setting. Input Sound settings in System Preferences was showing the buil-in microphone for iSight as selected. So the last place to check was Audio settings in Skype. It happened that the Apple Mac desktop she was using has a internal microphone already, and Skype by default selected that one rather than the one in the iSight camera. Changing the Input Audio device in Skype to iSight fixed the problem.

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