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Apple 27″ iMac Dual SSD Upgrade

Truong Nguyen How-To

One of the most effective upgrades for an aging Mac is an SSD (solid state drive) upgrade. I received an inquiry from a freelance video editor in St. Paul about speeding up his Apple 27″ iMac. This iMac had gotten so slow that it was used as a glorified display to a MacBook Pro retina.

We both agreed an SSD upgrade was the right path to take. Having worked on these iMac before, I know there’s a hack to mount a second hard drive which I proposed could be used as a scratch drive – very beneficial in video post editing work. We ordered 2 Samsung EVO SSDs for a dual SSD upgrade and went after it.

The results was a staggering 500MB/s+ average speed for both the boot SSD drive and scratch SSD drive. We ran the same test on the aging original drive and it barely broke 50MB/s. The iMac has effectively increased ten fold in terms of hard drive performance. Booting time went from “it’s taking f-ing forever” to “wtf just happened”.

Take a look for yourself at the speed test screen captures and photos of this iMac dual SSD upgrade process.

boot ssd volume speed test in iMac 27 inch scratch ssd volume speed test in iMac 27 inch

dual ssd iMac disk utility configuration Samsung SSD drives iMac 27 inch

iMac 27 inch dual SSD upgrade Extra SATA cable for iMac

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