jon music studio

Jon’s Music Studio

Truong Nguyen Technology Consulting

One of the best perks for doing my kind of work is the many creative people I get to meet. Jon Erickson, owner of Ultimate Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning is a prime example. Besides running his successful business, Jon spends most of his free time with family and pursue his passion of music production.

His MacBook Pro was in need of an upgrade to make use of Logic Pro X and Jon hired me for the job. We put a 240GB SSD (solid state hard drive) and 8GB of RAM in his laptop. We then updated the software to Mac OS X 10.9 and Logic Pro X. The laptop now runs like a dream with all the hardware in Jon’s studio.

I got the chance to come over and check out his music studio last week. This studio was built in the lower level of his house (using many recycled building materials). It looks the part and is such a great space to be in one’s own world.

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